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Framework for salt reduction

WASH have produced a report for the Malaysian Minister of Health which summaries the evidence for salt and blood pressure, identifies where salt comes from in the Malaysian diet and provides a framework for the Malaysian Government to reduce the level of salt intake in their country. This report is available on request for WASH members and other interested parties to adapt for their own country. To obtain a copy please contact WASH project co-ordinator, Katharine Jenner at including your planned usage of the document.

Additional resources: for a list of journal papers relevant to salt reduction click here


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Global Salt Initiative Presentation (March 2009)

Slides for teaching purposes

International Society of Hypertension 2006 Meeting Statement - reducing excess salt intakes


Factsheet: Salt and the older population

Factsheet: Salt and the black population of African descent

Leaflet: Salt intake and the health of your children

Poster: Salt and the black population of African descent

CASH poster 2009 'Salt and eating out'

CASH leaflet 2009 'Salt and eating out'

Click here to view 'Children's' leaflet

Click here to view 'Salt and health' leaflet

Click here to view the 'Children's' poster

Poster: Look out hidden salt!